Sylvie Magadur

Sylvie Magadur is a sculptor artist, specialized in the work of the ground and bronze.

Born in Saint-Etienne, she first devoted herself to drawing and painting, thus developing her sensitivity to art. Her studies and family life led her to move regularly, and she experimented with new techniques: oil painting, ceramics and finally, sculpture, in the workshops and schools of fine arts that she attended.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Horticulture de Versailles and attracted by the aesthetics of gardens, Sylvie Magadur worked for a number of years as a landscape gardener. For her, sculpture is a continuation of this rich experience: “There are many similarities between sculpture and garden design. In both cases, it is about taking possession of a space, creating volumes, alternations, contrasts, tensions and ultimately, a balance… ”

In 2014, she joined the workshop of the sculptor Luo Li Rong, in Brussels, with whom she trained for 4 years and discovered the work of bronze.

Now established in Lyon, Sylvie Magadur highlights, in her latest collection, the emotion of the moment, through a series of swimmers, whose positions seem frozen, caught between two waters. “I sought to capture fleeting positions, flashes of life.