In the early 2000s, it was while walking the streets of Lyon in the middle of the night that the desire to express himself artistically appeared to NOZE. He began his apprenticeship with the wildest form of street art: graffiti. An art apparently without rules but nevertheless carried by codes and very enriching uses. Then, as his nocturnal escapades progressed, he wanted to experiment with other media using new techniques.
Influenced by urban codes and street figures, he continues to make his mark in this milieu of artists, designers, sneakers and street art. NOZE RC was born.
One of his main inspirations: the sneaker, an accessory rather banal at first sight for some, but omnipresent in the mind of everyone. This consumable that we proudly wear, is now part of popular culture.
Fascinated by the vast world of street art and in a concern of novelty, he sought to divert this accessory in order to bring him a new breath. Indeed, the acquisition of a beautiful pair of sneakers causes an immense and intense joy, but each sneaker is doomed to age and deteriorate. It is then that his art takes shape and turns around the idea of freezing and preserving these ephemeral things which make us so happy…