Ian philip

Ian Philip is a painter and visual artist born in 1986. Since his childhood, he likes to walk in the workshop of his grandfather, himself a painter.
Passionate about painting, drawing and cars, he started his professional career as a body painter. A few years later, he decided to move to the French Riviera where he worked as a painter on yachts.
This experience of luxury is very enriching for him but the desire to create becomes more important, like a vital need to express himself. It is then naturally that he returns to his native region and opens his workshop there.
Self-taught, he expresses himself through the customization of objects and furniture. After many years of discreet creations, Ian moves towards a more personal work.
In love with colors and materials, his style is more like an exercise in high fashion. Resin, plastic and wood are his favorite playgrounds.
Inspired by the Pop Art movement, Comics and the world of consumption, it is not uncommon to find one of these references in his works. Great names such as Mondrian, Keith Haring or Andy Wharol also find a place in his colorful world.
His works are now exhibited in several galleries in France (Paris, Reims, Nice and Lorient) and very soon abroad.