Florian Eymann

Florian Eymann is an emerging artist, spotted during numerous collective exhibitions. He lives and works in the Loiret. He works mainly with oil on canvas, he also uses spray paint and collage. The artist creates works that disturb, question and challenge the viewer. The power of his paintings and the movement he introduces are reminiscent of the work of the painter Francis Bacon. Florian Eymann superimposes, merges forms and bright colors, intentionally giving this constant impression of construction / destruction.
Working in a very orderly way, the artist defines himself as a director, choosing his characters, creating the sets and the movements. The artist practices a strange stripping, blurring the tracks, erasing the identity of these characters, creating a powerful and enigmatic work. Disregarding all reference points, following him in his experiments disorients, confuses, yet the obscure themes that he exploits will be revealed in the course of their declensions. The faces, the expressions, the marks of time are deconstructed and reinterpreted with a very particular attention.