Alain Vaissiere

Alain Vaissiere is particularly attracted by technology and the possibilities it offers, always looking for new materials and processes to include in his creations. He communicates his energy and enthusiasm to us and delivers a cocktail full of color, poetry and imagination.
In his work, there is always a tenderness, a very strong human presence, when he calls upon the machine, his hand remains there … very close … there is a joy, a poetry, a lightness that irrigate his works, these are images that feel good! His freedom of creation is total, “Art is Fun & Dream” is his guiding principle!
Today, Alain Vaissiere makes extensive use of 3D creation and has gained wide recognition in the field of 3D paintings in lenticular technology. This technology offers a vision in volume, the result is striking, we are literally caught by a physical presence.
The themes chosen for his most recent creations call upon the universe of pop art/cartoon culture and fashion or science fiction, which sometimes come together in his work.
Alain Vaissiere exhibits in many contemporary art shows and galleries in France and abroad (Asia, United States…)