Richard Orlinski

In 2004, Richard Orlinski decided to devote himself fully to art. Imbued with pop-culture, the artist creates a colorful universe inspired by the wildest animals and iconic objects that have marked their generation.
Driven by the desire to democratize art by making it accessible to as many people as possible, Richard Orlinski is a passionate person who has overcome many obstacles, surpassing himself to constantly reinvent himself. His desire to popularize art also translates into a desire to arouse an immediate emotion in young and old alike. Far from the diktats of the contemporary art world, the works of the artist shout for him!
In love with art in all its forms, the sculptor dynamites the received ideas and does not hesitate to decompartmentalize the forms of artistic expressions. Driven by a global and universal vision, he likes to explore different fields: sculpture, design, music, live performance…
Represented by more than 90 galleries in France and abroad, Richard Orlinski is, since 2015, the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world (Source: Art Price).

Oliver Ney, a Parisian visual artist, was born in 1982.
His pointillism art is at the junction between the world of street art and pop culture. The artist plays with objects and diverts them to create a unique composition.
In 2020, he creates his first works with caps of paint bombs and realizes his first work entitled “the Joker”.
Numerous articles were published, including one from the world leader in spray paint MTN Colors, highlighting his singular talent and helping to introduce Ney to art lovers.
In a process of recycling, the artist approaches his spray can dealers so that they ask their customers to bring back their caps so that they can be reused instead of being destroyed! His initiative is growing and hundreds of caps each month are emerging to offer a second life.
His influences are pop culture and all its symbols but also what can rock his daily life.