M. Chat

Thoma VUILLE alias M CHAT pronounced by default Mr. Cat, is a French-Swiss painter from the urban art. Born in Boudry, Switzerland, on July 16, 1977, he is famous for the graphic series of Mr. CHAT representing a yellow feline with a broad smile.

Thoma VUILLE, his real name, began painting with acrylics at the age of 15 in homage to his grandfather, a house painter. After a professional degree in civil engineering, the street-artist studied for 7 years at the Orleans School of Fine Arts.
It was during his studies that he imagined Mr. Chat, a yellow-orange cat with a full smile, painted in acrylic on the walls of his student town after seeing a little girl draw one in a school workshop.

His objective is philosophical: “to put human and love in the city: Orleans was a rather gray city and we needed a little bit of Sun” in the city of Joan of Arc. Afterwards, he imported his cat everywhere in France, such as Tours, Nantes, Saint-Etienne and Paris. A dazzling fame that quickly reached the world with paintings in New York, Vienna, London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Geneva…