DÉESSE is a self-taught French artist, born in Germany in 1954 in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance.
Déesse’s sculptures are a synthesis of current trends. Her sphere of influence is inspired by graffiti and bad painting. She applies a pop cubist style of bright colors borrowed from the Brazilian panel to her round and colorful sculptures, like a wild carnival!
Déesse’s inspirations come from Mondrian, Klee, Malévitch, Vasarely, whose family she has known, and from her childlike eye for many trends that feed her work every day.
The universe of Déesse, which seems so jovial and cheerful, is no less skin deep. Her travels, and her thirst to magnify shapes and colors, allow her to apply her artistic tastes.
Her collections of round and colorful sculptures are known throughout the world and her feminine and maternal works are distinguished through series now recognized, such as “Big Star”, “Bather”, “Lady Heart”, “Beach Heart”, “Diva”, “Happy”, “Kloé” and others.
She will surprise you again!