David Pasquinelli

David Pasquinelli is a French painter born in 1972.

His work is a search for harmony in chaos through colour, form and material. Using mainly acrylic paint and palette knife, his style is deeply influenced by artists such as Nicolas de Staël, Mark Rothko and Pierre Soulages.

His aim is for his paintings to evoke the same emotions as music or poetry.

For him, the art of painting is similar to creating a melody in music, where a few simple but perfectly harmonised chords can evoke deep emotion. With this in mind, David strives to find the simplest and purest forms, seeking to capture the essence of emotion in his work.

His paintings are therefore a visual and emotional journey, inviting the viewer to feel rather than simply observe. This unique approach to painting makes this painter a distinctive artist, whose works invite the viewer on a visual journey where emotion and harmony are the sole objective.