Cannibal malabar

Executed in powerful color tones, Cannibal Malabar’s portraits are vividly painted with brief, precise gestures.
Particular attention is paid to specific elements of the face. Clearly inspired by the work of contemporaries such as Martine Johanna and Jenny Morgan, Cannibal Malabar is itself a continuation of the Action Painting movement. Her creations are expressive and seek to reveal the character and personality of the subjects depicted.
Her paintings translate her passion for the human being and she retranscribes it through a multitude of expressive and aesthetic figures. Cannibal Malabar chooses her models according to what they give off, artistically or visually.
Her use of very bright colors gives her work an acidic, almost dreamlike quality. She praises the myriad of emotions that the human face is capable of conveying and emphasizes each particularity in order to share with the viewer the intensity that she herself felt at first glance.