Fred Benoit

Learn to see the universe around us differently, to escape by opening up to new environments, to consider concepts from different perspectives… The essence of this invitation to movement is the kinetic art of Fred Benoit.
From his graphic and photographic training at Saint-Luc Tournai (Belgium), Fred Benoit, a French artist born in 1969, illustrates his personal vision of this art inspired by the real world, encounters or travels or the fantasized dimension of a thought.
Adept of a style where everything is created and invented as he discovers himself, Fred Benoit projects us into a mobile universe, that of surprising compositions where, in turn, ideas are opposed or associated.
Through his photographic paintings in 3 fields of vision, one discovers a work that is as interpellant as it is meticulous, because beyond the photo, he masters the art of folding and visual association. His work is undoubtedly attracting attention in galleries and contemporary art shows all over Europe.
Fred’s artistic compositions All photos are made by Fred, whether in the studio or on the road. The photos are printed on Fuji Archives photo paper, which is resistant to time. The folding is done by the artist without any paper cutting. The frames are custom made and the glass is museum quality anti-reflective optical glass. Fred’s compositions create movement and are in motion: Paris, London, Brussels, Milan, Cannes, Lyon, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Toronto, Shanghai…